Start Here: Understanding The Essence Of The Red Pill Philosophy

Overwhelmed and Looking For A Way Out?, See How Taking The Red Pill Can Transform Your Life For Good.

Fighting to make your dreams a reality takes courage, dedication, faith in yourself and most important, like sales legend Chet Holmes said, pig-headed determination, perhaps you want to make money online to enjoy some freedom.

Think of Neo in the seminal science-fiction blockbuster, The Matrix. When we first meet him, Neo is still Thomas A. Anderson, an office drone drifting through his days while moonlighting as a hacker.

Despite his apparent boredom, Thomas is quietly fixated on a clear goal, one you might even call an obsession: discovering just what the elusive ‘matrix’ is.

We all know how he eventually learns the answer, of course: he takes that iconic red pill and tumbles down the rabbit hole after Morpheus, his new mentor.

So begins an insightful, exciting, reality-bending adventure – and one that holds massive inspiration for anyone looking to redefine themselves in their career.

Breaking Free: Finding your Inner-Neo

Perhaps like Thomas A. Anderson, you’re trapped in a daily grind you feel detached from. You have no passion for your nine-to-five. No inspiration. No motivation beyond keeping your salary coming each month.

But perhaps you have your own Neo inside, waiting to break free.

As I said earlier, fighting to make your dreams a reality takes guts. You need to focus on the end result you have in mind, weigh up your options, and break from the status quo. How?

The smartest approach is to follow your passion in a practical, salable way. For example, let’s say you’re working in a call center, but have a passion for photography. Maybe you have an idea to create your own studio catering to families, or to work as a freelance photojournalist in the news industry.

Both of these might be considered high goals by some, but they are absolutely attainable. With enough research, networking, and hard work, you can get there.

Perhaps your business ambitions are a little more difficult to realize. If you want to be an astronaut, you may be set for disappointment, but there’s no reason you can’t still launch an enterprise based around your love of space. For example, is there a gap in the market for affordable, fun NASA-based training exercises (such as underwater challenges)? Such a venture could cater to businesses looking for team-building activities, as well as families and groups craving a day-out with a difference.

With the right amount of research, practical thought, and professional advice, you can establish solid foundations upon which to build.

Taking the Red Pill and Facing the Consequences

When the time comes to put preparations aside, though, you’ll face a choice just like Neo’s:

Do you take the blue pill or the red pill?

The reality you know, or the reality you want to discover? Walking the same well-trodden path, or stepping into uncharted territory?

It’s not an easy choice. Many, many people think about quitting their jobs and following their passion … but few go through with it. And that’s understandable, particularly for anyone with a family to support.

However, choosing the red pill and embracing what could be rather than what is can transform your life for the better.

Here are three things to bear in mind:

  • Start with what you know: in the early days of your business at least, stick to selling products or services you already understand. Hiring experts to help in areas you know nothing about costs money, and every cent counts to start with. Embrace your passion, personal interests, and experience to set yourself up (remember that photography studio example?). See our Monster list of Red Pill business to learn about your options.
  • Bring value to the market: As a new startup, you have to figure out what value you offer to customers. Are you selling a new type of product or service that can revolutionize an aspect of their lives? Are you selling goods that are already available but at a greatly-reduced cost? Figure out how you can make the biggest impact, and run with it. Make your difference your selling point. Our list of resources can be a great place to start.
  • Never underestimate flexibility: Your business may not run as smoothly as you hope. You’ll need to adapt to changes in the market or to accommodate setbacks. If you stick to a fixed goal over a simpler, more logical alternative, you may be in for disappointment. Roll with the punches, be willing to adapt to suit your customers’ needs and demands, and you might just crack the code (like Neo).

Anyone who finds the courage and strength within themselves to quit their job and follow their dream career deserves immense respect. In today’s world, taking the red pill is particularly daunting – but with preparation, dedication, and a little help, you may just become the person you want to be.